Akstun is a medium-sized island that mostly serves as an asylum for the criminally insane. This is the island's primary purpose but there are other things on the island such as houses, a few farms, and a school.

History Edit

The asylum was founded a few hundred years ago by Theodore Akstun, after whom the island was named. Theodore Akstun was a genius and a renowned scientist but when his daughter, Julia, was deemed insane he insisted that he would be the one who would treat her. He purchased the island, moved there with her and had the building built to treat her. After several years, when Julia began to show progress, word caught on and people began sending their loved ones to the island. Soon other psychiatrists, doctors and nurses came as well as more patients. The building was soon expanded and after many centuries it became a worldwide phenomenon.

Akstun Asylum Edit

Akstun Asylum is the world's largest asylum, as well as the world's largest building, with several floors on top and several at the bottom including underground. Each floor serves as a different level; the higher the floor, the more stable the patient. The lower the floor, the more severe the patient's condition is.