Gender Female
Age 18
Species Human
Status Alive
Faction Good
Relatives Deceased parents

Occupation Mad scientist
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in The Valley
Aliases Unknown

Candy is a mad scientist and one of the main characters in A Million Miles Past: Voyages of New Legends.

Appearance Edit

Candy has medium brown skin, pink eyes and pink hair that she wears in short pigtails.

Personality Edit

Candy's is kind, a little childish and mischievous. She is also brave and very caring. But she becomes seruiouse when the time is needed. She likes to explore new things and uncharted lands. Every time she goes on a journey she always writes everything that happens in her journal and brings something extraordinary back with her.Candy like also to read ,and has huge library in factory.

History Edit

Candy is an orphaned child of renowned candy makers who ran their own factory and brought to life a variety of unique creations. At a young age, Candy's parents were killed by a rival candy maker who never was brought to justice and still runs his factory to this day. Candy promised herself that she will avenge her parents' death one way or another.

Candy Creations Edit

Candy Creations are Candy's helpers. They were made in her lab and can be seen doing all sorts of things.

Milo Edit

Milo is Candy's first creation, whom she made with her father. Milo is very loyal to her and is her voice of reason. Milo is the color of pink taffy, he is an oval shape with stubs that are considered his hands and feet. He can morph in to anything, even weapons.

Powers and Skills Edit

Candy has quite a few different powers and skills, including genius-level intellect, superhuman strength, force field generation, and the ability to generate pink energy blasts. Candy is also very flexible and is capable of surviving harsh and otherwise lethal conditions.Candy also know how to fight,and knows the body wealk points.