Josie Astre
Gender Female
Age 19
Species Human
Status Alive
Faction Good
Relatives Collette Astre (mother, deceased)
Alceste Astre (father)

Occupation Bounty hunter
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Unknown
Aliases Josie

Josette Adélaïde Astre, also known as just Josie Astre, is a bounty hunter.


Josie has short Titian, centerparted hair and purple eyes with blue flecks. She also has freckles on her face, with most of the being on her nose and with some of the on her cheeks. Her height is 5'5" and she is a bit curvy, though her weight is currently unspecified. It is also noted that she is a C-cup.

In her concept art, she had no freckles and her hair was brown.


Josie is a young woman who is known for acting a bit impetuous, goofy, and can often come off as a bit ditzy at times. In actuality, she is considerably intelligent and knows several facts relating to astronomy. Additionally, she is very energetic and is somewhat of a glutton who is often seen eating a piece of cake or chocolate. She also makes sure to take at least some food with her at all times, often hiding some in her hat or her Super Kawaii Convenient Bounty Hunting Bag 2000. She is kind and loyal to her friends as well and she likes to cheer people up. Despite being energetic and happy most of the time, there are times whenever she can get depressed and even angry. These times often occur whenever she is reminded of her past and her father, who had killed her mother and others when she was younger. Because of this, she does not like talking about her past or family.




  • She was going to be French-American but then the game's setting was changed to a fantasy world.
  • Her surname means "star" in French.
  • She owns a dog named Brownie.
  • Her evil counterpart is Invidia.
  • Josie makes a few cameos in season four of The Caged Underworld, though her name is changed to Ui Izumi and her eye color is different.