Maria Windsor
Gender Female
Age 15
Species Human
Status Alive
Faction Good
Relatives King Nicolas Alexander Windsor (father)
Queen Helena Sophie Windsor (mother)

Occupation Princess of Lizonia
Affiliations Unknown
Resides in Lizonia
Aliases By The Grace Of God Empress Maria I Of All Lizonians

Princess Maria Matilda Windsor is the crown princess of Lizonia, the daughter of King Nicolas Alexander Windsor and Queen Helena Sophie Windsor, and is the heir to the Lizonian throne. She is one of the major characters in the A Million Miles Past game.


Maria is described as being at average height. She has wavy shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, and oval-shaped glasses. 


Due to her status as "Crown Princess," Maria is known to put on a kind, reserved, friendly face for others, but when she is alone, she is prone to exhaustion, laziness, and fussiness, as well as being quiet and preferring to stay in her room alone. Nonetheless, she cares deeply for her family and her friends, and is very loyal. She is also known to bouts of insanity, and will turn into a more exaggerated ruler and will order people around if she hits these moments. 

Maria is also known for having an obsessive love for sweet things more than anything. 



Name Ability Type Description Unlocks At Level Ammunition Consumption Per Hit?
Release The Beast Melee Maria sends Freddie to attack an enemy. Already has it. No

Fighting Stats (At Level 1)Edit

Ranged Attack:
Melee Attack:



  • Her surname, Windsor, is the family name of the current Queen of England.
  • Her full title (chosen by Sioraf as Na Cillini) is a reference to a Czar and so her firstname is chosen after a Tsarina (by AnimeOtaku13). It was decided to make her a Princess as AnimeOtaku13 reminded Sioraf as Na Cillini of a Princess he had read about either in a Hans Christian Andersen or Oscar Wilde story in terms of appearance.
  • On the grounds of the Royal Palace, her family keeps several pet Hadrosauruses for her. The one she is closest to is a light-skinned purple one named Freddie.